"That was my prerogative as Master Archivist."

- Jocasta Nu

I broke things and made some. But, most importantly, I learnt a lot. Every time I learn or discover something, I make a good note of it. A few of them often get turned into a blog post. This, is a display of such blog posts.

I use Medium as a platform for blogging.

Competition — Out of the Sphere

You might have a competitor out of your area of business. Let's see how.

4 min read - 11 December 2022

The Dark Side of mv command

One of the most used Unix commands 'mv' might turn out real deadly.

6 min read - 6 October 2021

CTF Walkthrough

Detailed walkthrough for Capture The Flag event. The challenges included encoding, compression, binary exploits and SQL injection.

5 min read - 20 February 2020