"You will find only what you bring in."

- Master Yoda

I have experience of more than 2 years in professional web development, working with service and product based companies to build backend and frontend applications. I also practice web pentesting for my love of cyber security. I contribute to open source projects as well. Planning, designing, developing, debugging, deploying, evaluating, I do all these as my work.

This page details my work with companies, some of my pet projects and open source contributions, and few demos.

If you are a recruiter, resume could be a better place to start with.

Work with Companies

I started web development as an intern at Skilldom. Then , I did another internship at Tacto. People in both of these companies groomed me to face the industry challenges. I currently work for WorkIndia, India's largest blue collar recruitement platform.

Understood, built and broke a lot of things at work. Although I never got to work on Death Star, it's still on checklist.

SDE-II - July 2020 - Present


SDE Intern - Dec 2019 - Jan 2020

Joined Tacto as a full time SDE intern. The team at Tacto was full on guns blazing. I explored hot-tech in this small internship. Django, Node, Angular, React, Flutter, RxJS, Cloud Functions, Databases, Caches, Blockchain, I had tasted it all. No exaggeration, I had my hands on new tool every day. This was "go wide first then deep" moment for me.

Web Development Intern - Dec 2018 - Jan 2019

I started my first internship at Skilldom. Knowing only C and a bit of x86 assembly, I had no sense of what to do in web development. This place taught me how to learn new things and how to adapt to changing environment. I started with HTML, CSS and vanilla JS. This was the early boost I ever wanted.

Open Source Contributions and Pet Projects

I love open source softwares and community. I try to contribute as and when I get time. This led me to starting my own pet projects.

I prefer working on command line and network tools, and my contributions depend on my understanding of the use case of the project. However, me jumping into a project is only bound to my curiosity about it :)


GLab is a CLI tool for GitLab written in Golang started by profclems on GitHub. It was inspired from gh, the official GitHub CLI tool. I added a command to maintain push and pull mirrors using CLI. The project has 1800+ stars and 150+ forks.

Update: GLab is officially adopted as a CLI tool for GitLab :)


I believe in learning by doing. Demos help me do quick POCs and showcase my work. CodePen and GitHub are my main public demos.